Suddenly I want to run away and join the circus..

1890’s circus performer.

Suddenly I want to run away and join the circus..


1890’s circus performer.

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Eveline II

Continuing where we last left off……

I set to work to scheme a way to arrive at the sum of my desires. There are some things one must do for oneself. I nerved myself for the occasion. I wen t to a quiet street in Soho. I had noted a second-rate shop which was fitted up as an apothecary’s - as we say in London, chemist and druggist. I entered. I had chosen the quiet time in the early afternoon. No on e was in the shop. A good-looking fair-haired young man advanced from the back room. 

"Good morning. I want a syringe - a female syringe; show me some of your best."

"Certainly, miss, please to step this way."

He led me to the further end of the counter. He produced from a drawer a number of the articles in question. 

"These are all good, but this pattern is the one we specially reccommend. It is of vulcanite. It cannot break, or do any mischief."

I looked them over with a professional air.

"Yes, you are right. I will take the one you reccommend."

Probably he saw I was a little awkward in handling the thing. I looked him in the face with a smile. His eyes sparkled.

"Do you understand how it should be applied, miss?"

"well, not properly, perhaps."

He smiled this time. I laughed softly.

"How do you fill it, and with what?"

"We have a detergent always made up, miss. If you will wait a moment, I will get some water and explain the action."

I nodded gently. He went into the back room. In a few moments he returned.

"Please come in here, I can show you how it works."

I followed the good-looking, fair young man. He filled the syringe with water, and squirted it out again into a basin. 

"You should always wipe it after use and return it nicely to its case - thus."

I laughed again softly. 

The young man laughed also. I was wicked enough to encourage his hilarity. He evidently took me for a representative member of a class to which I had not the honour to belong. I determined to humour him. He grew more familiar. 

"After all, it is not at all equal to the real thing. Would you like me to try it for you? I shall be delighted to serve you, miss."

"Thank you, but I should prefer the real thing, if it acts at all like the imitation. Probably you have none in stock?”

He laughed outright this time. He glanced around. We understood one another in a moment. He caught me round the waist. 

"You beautiful little devil! Where do you come from?"

"Are we quite sure to be alone? Suppose someone enters the shop?"

"They must wait. I can shut the door. See, there is a muslin curtain. We can see out. They cannot see in."

"Then try the real thing - if you have one!"

He had roused my lust. He was very good-looking. He locked the door. He pushed me towards a leather sofa.

"You really mean you will let me do the job for you, eh? You are awfully pretty, you know. I never saw such a beautiful girl. You are so beautifully dressed. I am not rich, you know, you will not want to bother me afterwards?"

"I ask nothing. I should not like to disappoint you."

"Oh, my God! What fun! I never had such a chance. How sweet your kisses are! Let me feel"

"Where is your syringe? Oh my goodness! What a beauty! It is much larger, though, than the imitation. Kiss me!"

"Yes, much larger and almost as stiff. It hods nearly as much also, as you will soon find. Oh, your kisses are sweet."

I held his limb in my gloved hand. His fingers were in the moisture of my slit. He was beautifully made - not nearly so large as the concierge. I was dreadfully excited. I longed for him to ‘do the job,’ as he called it. He was stiffly erect.

I had not long to wait. I was utterly devoid of modesty. I fancied I knew how best to please him. I played my part. 

"Be quick - I want it! Come!"

I pulled up all my clothes. He saw all my nudity. 

"My God, what lovely legs! What fine stocking! What exquisite little boots. My God! Oh - what a chance!"

The young man mounted quickly upon me. In an instant I felt him penetrating my orbit. my slit was all on fire with longing.

"My God, how tight you are - keep still - it’s going in now. Oh, my God, how nice! I’m right into you now!"

It was true. I tasted the pleasure of coition for the first time with a full-grown man. I could not speak - I could only sob and moan in the ecstasy of that encounter. I clutched him by the shoulders. I felt the light hair of his belly rub on my flesh. He thrust vigorously. His limb grew stiffer and harder. It seemed to push to the extremity of my capacity. The pleasure was divine. 

"Oh, Christ! I’m coming! I’m - coming! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"

"The syringe! The syringe! Give me it all!"

The young man discharged - gush after gush. He had spoken the truth. His syringe was ample. His sperm squirted into me in a flood.

"You beautiful little devil! How deliciously nice you are. Now you must make use of the imitation. I will get you some water."

"Thanks. Remember to wipe your syringe and return it carefully to its box."

I walked home. I was no longer afraid of John now.